Make A Side Income Through Trading Stocks

Learn Our Trading System to Make Consistent Profits Over Long Term

Market Interpretion

What is the market telling me now? The first step to learning trading is by spotting a low risk & high return opportunity through our system. The system consist of 5 Signals – Pattern, Line, Trend, Volume and Momentum. False signals are common in the market. You will gain the confidence on spotting the right signals and using it to your advantage.

execution strategies

As the saying goes “Nobody plans to fail, but many fail to plan”. You need a combination of a strategy and a clear objective in mind to execute a good trade. Stock trading is never a get rich quick method. It takes discipline and tons of experience to consistently reap profits from the market.

risk management

Risk management is essential. However, it is often overlooked as a prerequisite to be successful in trading. It is very possible for a trader who has generated substantial profits over his lifetime, lose it all in one or two bad trades. It is crucial that the trader learns risk management. ‘In order to profit, you must make a bet. In order to bet, you must have the capital’.

About Project believe

The course to making consistent side income every month through stock trading
Get your ticket to financial freedom today.

We believe in the Value of Winning.

Our mission is to transform those with minimal experience in trading stocks to someone that is confident in making consistent profits over the long term The core principal of living is to live life to the fullest and we believe it is through winning and the accomplishments of goals. Because by default in life, we live to die eventually.

  • Winning in life requires you to give it your all and take the first step out.

  • This learning journey takes time. Together with our experience gurus guiding you along the way, you can be sure to be on your way to winning.

  • Minimum costing to get you started on your investing journey

  • Minimal or No experience needed.


You can be assured that what you learn in Project B is not something that can be found on the internet. We teach you proven strategies with references on the stock market.

This is not simply a content based course. Throughout the course, you will be educated on trading concepts as well as being guided on executing trades on the market. We transform an individual who has little or no experience in the stock market to someone that is confident in trading. We offer post course consultation to ensure that we can provide the help that you need when you begin trading. We prevent losses you could potentially lose by making amateur mistakes.

Do not learn it the hard way, period.

System Trading Starter Course

A primer to Stock Trading that teaches you the proven system to win profit from the market consistently.

Coaching group

The Extra 2 Hours per month to build up your Confidence.

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